All-in-one Corporate
Gifting Platform

Corporate gift card for your team and dive into a world-class cashless experience. With ZikZuk gift card avoid the hassles of physical gift vouchers.

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Why ZikZuk Gift Card?

  • To increase employee engagement
  • To improve employee retention factor
  • To motivate employees for better productivity
  • To recognize innovation and bring more visibility

Get started with ZikZuk's Corporate Gifting
Solution and enjoy the benefits

  • Tally on Mobile

    Save time and efforts

    We take the hassle out of vendor management, packaging and logistics

  • Tally on Mobile

    Customize the cards

    Print the Employee name and achievement on the card

  • Tally on Mobile

    Completely digital

    Make orders and send the gifts electronically.

  • Tally on Mobile

    Zero pilferage, zero loss

    Enjoy complete transparency regarding gifting

  • Tally on Mobile

    No location constraints

    Gift your staff at different locations, locally or globally.

  • Tally on Mobile

    Save Tax

    One of the most innovative tax saving resulting in over Rs. 80k savings

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